Read our frequently asked questions to get answers about The Pregnancy Center and our services. Or feel free to contact us for more information!

Can I bring other people with me to my appointment?2022-02-24T21:00:50+00:00

Yes! You are welcome to bring a partner, spouse, or friend to your appointment. If you have other children with you, we provide play areas throughout our building.

Is there a cost to receive services at The Pregnancy Center?2022-02-24T21:01:04+00:00

The Pregnancy Center offers free services to women and families across North Georgia. Clients who register for services are not expected to pay or donate for the services they receive.

How can I start receiving services at The Pregnancy Center?2022-02-24T21:01:17+00:00

Individuals who would like to receive support from The Pregnancy Center can get started by completing our online registration form.

Are your services confidential?2022-02-24T21:01:30+00:00

Yes! We don’t share any information with third parties. Any information you provide to The Pregnancy Center is confidential.

Is The Pregnancy Center associated with DFCS or any other government agencies?2022-02-24T21:03:57+00:00

No. We are not affiliated with DFCS or any other government agency. The Pregnancy Center is a registered non-profit agency.  We are governed by a board of men and women who are personally dedicated to helping the community.

Do you require a background check to receive services?2022-02-24T21:01:48+00:00

No. A background check is not needed to receive services at The Pregnancy Center. Simply complete our online form to get started.

Is The Pregnancy Center a medical facility?2022-02-24T21:02:06+00:00

No, The Pregnancy Center does not provide medical services. However, we can offer referrals for services such as ultrasounds, pre-natal care, counseling, and more.

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