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Dear Faithful Friends,

Volunteers are some of the world’s most incredible people! Without them we are unable to accomplish what is done here at The Pregnancy Center.

One special volunteer, Robie Rens (and husband, Arlen), recently retired after 15 years of faithful service as TPC’s Director of Client Services. I first met Robie when I began working at the Center in 2009. I loved her zeal and energy for serving our sweet girls, her bright smile, honesty, and humor. She was always welcoming to everyone who called or came to the Center.

Robie wore many hats. She kept our plants from dying, made coffee, emptied trash, attended local outreach events, served at the annual banquet, spoke at events, gave many tours of the Center, and brought fresh eggs and home-grown veggies to share. Often, I would walk into my office and see a beautiful arrangement of flowers on my desk from her garden.

The biggest lesson Robie taught was her love for others. Everyone felt loved by Robie. As a client advocate, she would laugh, cry, pray, share truth, and speak honestly as she counseled girls with compassion and care. She would sit in the waiting room and talk to new moms, hold their babies, and discuss the challenges of motherhood. She knew how to welcome and connect with even the shy moms and dads. There were times a mom had no one but Robie at the hospital when their baby was born. She attended birthday parties and took girls out to lunch to encourage them in times of need.

Robie purchased things behind the scenes as needed with her own money. She taught me about tough love and taught me how to work with even the hardest cases. She is a true sister to me, and I will continue to learn from her and be there for her in the coming years.

So, if you are wondering how to serve others, remember that what we do “as unto the Lord,” is what truly counts for eternity. At TPC, we love to see relationships begin, develop, and mature, as we offer tangible help and spiritual hope to the Glory of God!

Thank you Robie for the legacy you left for us to follow. Your passion for the Lord and your love for others will never be forgotten. We will continue to carry the torch for Life!

Friends For Life,

Pat Page

Executive Director

Summer 2022 Newsletter