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Dear Friends for Life,

I will never forget one woman telling us after her session with an advocate that the desires of her heart were changing, and she was thinking different than before. We began to see real changes in her life by the grace of God, as the truth took root in her heart and life.

Her story reminded me of the parable of the Sower, which perfectly describes what we experience here at The Pregnancy Center. Each day, we till, plant, and water the soil of people’s hearts. And when the Lord produces fruit, it’s such a blessing!

Matthew 13 explains the story of a farmer who scattered some seed on his field. Some of the seed fell on the pathway and were eaten by the birds. Some seed fell on rocky shallow soil. It quickly grew but did not take root and died. Other seed fell among the thorns that choked out the tender plants. But other seeds fell among fertile soil and produced a bountiful crop.

This parable in Scripture explains how the truth of God’s Word is received. As we share the hope of the Gospel with our families, we trust the Lord to take the seeds of hope and truth and have them planted deep within their hearts so that lasting change becomes evident.

We sow the seed. We water the seed. But the increase and the heart change come from the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

The last verse in that parable of the Sower says, “Anyone who has ears to hear should listen and understand.”

What a sober reminder of our responsibility to listen and take heed to the truth in the Word.

Many people get discouraged when trials, suffering, and hardship come into their lives. They turn away from the Lord. Coming to Christ does not guarantee that we will not suffer. However, as we trust the Lord, difficulties can become blessings as we learn to rely on Him more.

What a privilege to be used of the Lord in sharing truth with each and every person who comes to The Pregnancy Center. We trust Him to produce a bountiful crop in their lives.

May we all be faithful to sow, plant, and water as the Lord gives us opportunity.

Pat Page

Executive Director

The Pregnancy Center Spring Newsletter 2022