Pregnant Mom Perks

Pregnant Mom Perks

Free Essentials for Your New Baby

The Pregnancy Center is excited to shower you and your new baby with FREE essentials such as clothes, diapers, wipes and more!

  • Choose a new diaper bag from our New Mommy store, a section of our center that is set up exclusively for pregnant moms.
  • Complete an educational lesson with our Earn While you Learn Program at The Pregnancy Center and add several FREE baby items of your choice to your bag!
  • Keep earning items for each lesson you finish.
  • Stock up on everything you need to bring your baby home from the hospital!

Baby Bucks

Pregnant moms are our VIP clients and will also have the chance to earn Baby Bucks each time a lesson is completed at the center. Baby Bucks allow you to shop our already discounted boutique items with even more savings — up to 50% off each purchase! 

  • Use your Baby Bucks in our Angel Babies Boutique for anything you may need — including additional clothing or baby gear. 
  • Spend your Baby Bucks with the ability to save up to 50% off our already discounted prices.
  • Shop using your Baby Bucks as you earn them or save up for a big-ticket item.
  • Complete just six lessons to earn a new crib with a mattress or a brand new car seat! 

Ready to start earning FREE items for your baby? Contact us today!

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