More Information About our Many Services

All our services are provided free of charge to our clients:

  • Women’s Bible Studies
  • Fatherhood Classes
  • Abstinence Education

Women’s Bible Study

From time to time when enough clients show an interest, we hold regular bible studies designed to support them during and after their pregnancies. As a Christian organization, we know that the Word of God is the only reliable source for spiritual truth. It is God’s Word that is the one and only “owner’s manual” for all of life. Contact the Center for current information.

Fatherhood Classes

For years now NGPC has offered Earn-While-You-Learn courses for our clients. It has been a tremendous success (Read more about this wonderful program under the “Services” tab). In practice, usually, only the mothers have taken advantage of this program. Obviously, there is a father involved in the pregnancy and we have therefore broadened our educational outreach to minister to the needs of the father. These classes will prepare the father for the enormous task of being a real and better Dad to this new life coming into the world. They will also help him to have a better relationship with the baby’s mother. Beneficial for all!

Abstinence Education

We believe the best approach to sexuality for those unmarried is abstinence. Scripture teaches abstinence. History proves it is the correct choice. There are tremendous consequences to premarital sex. Too often, the consequences are not recognized until it is too late. Today, by the time a young person graduates from high school, he or she has a 25% chance of having an undiagnosed Sexually Transmitted Disease. Some STDs can kill. Others can sterilize or cause cancer. And of course there is the risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

It is a fallacy that abstinence classes don’t work. Studies have proven, and our statistics show, that children who hear the abstinence message are less likely to contract STD’s and more likely to wait until marriage to have sex. If abstinence were practiced in the United States a large percentage of the 56,000,000 aborted babies would be alive today. Every aspect of our society suffers because of our rejection of God’s Word.

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